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Teen Safety & Awareness
National Crisis Hotlines [www.allaboutcounseling.com/crisis_hotlines.htm]
Free national crisis hotline listing for kids, teens, and families.

National Gang Center [www.nationalgangcenter.gov]
Gangs are in high schools, middle schools, and even elementary schools.  The resources on this website will encourage parents, teachers, and administrators to take a closer look at what’s going on locally.

School Safety [www.ncpc.org/topics/school-safety]
This is a great starting places for information on violence prevention and school safety, created by the National Crime Prevention Council.

School Violence [http://bit.ly/9Ui5R0]
School safety articles written especially for parents.

Stryve (Striving to Reduce Youth Violence Everywhere) [www.safeyouth.gov]
The Stryve initiative is all about preventing youth violence before it starts, created by the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Here, educators, parents, and community leaders can find numerous resources on youth violence and its impact on communities.