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There is a huge wealth of medical information available at the library, but don’t forget that no information in a book or on the Internet replaces the knowledge and expertise of a real live doctor.  Librarians are not doctors and cannot give you medical advice.  Please use online medical information responsible.

The American Academy of Pediatrics
This comprehensive site covers child development, diseases and conditions, child safety, and parenting, from birth to age 21.

Being Girl
A website put together for girls, by girls covering all sorts of topics relating to emotional and physical growth during the early teen years.  Plus, there are polls, an advice “column,” and chances to win free stuff.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is one of the best places to go for statistics, travel health, and immunization information.

Internet Public Library’s Frequently Asked Embarrassing Questions
The IPL has compiled a list of links leading to sites that are designed to answer the questions that you just hate to ask: from “What should you do if your family is abusive and you want to run away?” to “What medications help with acne?”  This page includes further links about “Health and Sexuality” and “Health and Medical Sciences” within the IPL site.

The National Women’s Health Information Center offers a site for girls covering topics such as body images, fitness, and living with a disability.

Go Ask Alice
The School of Public Health at Columbia University originally created this site for students in 1993.  It is an excellent resource for teens seeking information about sexuality, relationships, and drugs as well as general health topics.

The Nemours Foundation publishes this site with pages for parents, kids, and teens.  It offers information on health and safety and other relevant topics, such as bullying.  The kids and teen sits have interactive quizzes.

The National Library of Medicine’s comprehensive database indexes academic, peer-reviews medical journals from all over the world.  PubMed contains more than 16 million citations.  It also has citations from consumer-health magazines.  Some full-text articles are available for free.