Enrich, Enlighten, Educate, Empower

Our Mission is to:

Connect our community with the world by providing a gateway to innovative information, educational and leisure resources and building a lifelong learning experience or heritage.

Our Vision is:

The Franklin Lakes Library will continue to be our community’s premier and most reliable source for information, educational resources, entertainment and instructional programs for all ages. Our services are welcoming, flexible, empowering and available to all residents.

Our VALUES that guide our behavior are:

Versed – Library will be staffed with knowledgeable and experienced personnel
Accessible – Library will provide products in multiple formats at our facility and remotely     
Linked – Library will use BCCLS for buying power and collection depth
United – Library will work well with our community groups and residents
Explorative – Library will remain open-minded to new ideas and methods of informing
Sustaining – Library will responsibly meet the needs of our residents

Approved:  11/16/15