Enrich, Enlighten, Educate, Empower
The American Film Institute's list of the 400 Movies nominated for the top 100 Greatest American Movies

Adam's Rib
Not rated, from Warner Home Video, 101 minutes. 1949.
A couple is at opposite ends of the courtroom in this drama, where one is the prosecution, and the other is the defense attorney.

The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1938)
Rated PG. Warner Home Video, produced in 1938, 102 minutes.
Winner of three Academy Awards, this version of the dynamic do-gooder has been digitally re-mastered and is loaded with extra features including: outtakes, 1949 Looney Toon short Rabbit Hood, featurettes on Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone, and much more.

An Affair To Remember
Not rated. 20th Century Fox, produced in 1957, 119 minutes.
The classic love story of two people that fall in love on an ocean liner, then vow to meet at the Empire State Building six months later if their love remains.

The African Queen
Not rated. Paramount Home Entertainment, produced in 1951, 105 minutes
The adventures of a crusty, dyed-in-the-wool bachelor, Charlie Allnut, and his nemesis, Rose Sayer, in World War I Africa. The pair struggle against the climate, the river, the bugs, the Germans, and each other, until love overcomes all.

Rated R. 20th Century Fox, produced in 1979, 116 minutes.
A mindless, savage, and merciless alien is attacking the crew of an intergalactic freighter, and it must be stopped before they are all killed.

All About Eve
Not rated. 20th Century Fox, produced in 1950, 138 minutes.
A young aspiring actress becomes the secretary to an aging star and uses everyone to get to the top.

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